How To Recover Deleted Folder in Windows 7

Tool to Recover Deleted Folder in Windows 7

Have you ever come across a situation of folder loss, due to accidental deletion? If no, then you might face it one day in future. Generally many people think that files or folders stored on hard drive of their Windows 7 computer are safe and secure. However, This is untrue!!! Just like any other storage medium, folder stored Windows 7 hard drive can also be get deleted due to several reasons, such as virus infection or accidental deletion. If you come across such scenario, and would love to have a solution in hand, then it lies in an efficient folder recovery Software. Folder Restoration is one such efficient utility that can recover deleted folder in Windows 7 computers.

Since Windows 7 computers use reliable and secure file system for file manipulation, majority of the users prefers Windows 7 OS for their personal and professional data storing. However, sometimes folders and files stored on Windows 7 hard drives get deleted due to any of the reasons. In case if an important folder gets deleted, it results in critical data loss crisis. Suppose if you are facing such type data loss crisis, no need to be anxious. As you can easily recover deleted folder in Windows 7 computer with the aid of deleted folder recovery tools. It can also help you to retrieve shift deleted folder from different storage drives which are accessible via Windows computers.

Following are the most common factors for deletion of folders from Windows 7 computers.

  • Most of the Windows users delete unwanted folders from their hard drive in order to store new folders. There are times in which users accidentally delete some important folders along with unnecessary folders by using Shift + Delete key combination. Since it bypasses Recycle Bin folder, the user cannot even get them back later when they realize their mistake.
  • Virus infection is another key reason for folder loss in Windows 7. In case if the antivirus program is out of date or not efficient, then there are probabilities of virus infection which makes your folders stored in Windows hard drive inaccessible. Sometimes infection of macro virus or spyware deletes the stored folder without user notification.

Whatever the reason for loss, this too will easily recover deleted folder in Windows 7 in few simple mouse clicks. In addition to deleted folders recovery, this tool can also retrieve My Pictures folder from your computer. It provides an effective option to preview the recovered data before restoring. The best feature of this tool is its save recovery session option, which helps the user save the recovery session and avoids the re-scanning of hard drive. Moreover, one can also use this tool to restore folder in Outlook. Overall, Recover Folder tool can restore any kind of lost or deleted data from storage drives which can be accessed via a Windows computer.

Few simple steps to recover deleted folder in Windows 7

Step 1: Download and install How to Recover Folder software on your Windows computer and run the it to open its home screen as given in figure A.

How to Recover Deleted Folder in Windows 7 - Home Screen

Figure A: Home Screen

Step 2: Select the hard drive partition from the list of logical drives as shown in figure B.

Recover Deleted Folder on Windows - Select Drive

Figure B: Select Drive

 Step 3: The list of recovered folders from Windows 7 computer will be shown as in figure C.

Restore Deleted Files on Windows - List of Recovered Folders

Figure C: List of Recovered Folders